Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Prayer,Meditation and Multitasking

Faith,belief and a trust in God is a central part of my life.Meditation and prayer are daily activities and I like to spend time regularly reading something of a religious of philosophic nature.The Catholic church in this small southern town doesn't have daily morning masses....otherwise I'd adjust my schedule for that. But I do not live the life of a recluse....I have work to do and a family that I love very much.I use the word "multitasking" when writing about my daily activities but I'm not so sure that is the correct word. I try to get a lot done, but not all at the same time.I'm not happy with my present job and financial situation, so I'm busy all through the day on other projects.I'm forever looking for ways to improve the Dumaguete website and perhaps make a dollar or two with it.One blog cannot deal with all the interests I have so I have three......all requiring my attention on a regular basis.Now, I decided that the time has come for me to take another look at the novel that I set aside.One more job to do in an already busy day.I find myself asking for God's help putting this all together.Without this time spent with the Holy Spirit in meditation I would probably waste away into nothing.


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