Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October Rosary.

The month of October is dedicated to the Rosary.
Although I recognize the value of praying the Rosary every day, I haven't lived up to that. I'm resolving say a Rosary every day this month.....and on into November due to the upcoming election. These are not easy times that we live in.
I awoke early this morning. It was after my wife had left for work but before our three year old son woke.I was ending the fourth Mystery as he came into the room......he sat quietly on my lap as I finished the fifth Mystery and said the Hail Holy Queen. He's sat and listened to my wife and I pray the Rosary often enough to know that it is a special time and not the time for play or TV.
Of course, once I finished and made the sign of the cross, he realized it was over and he could ask me to let him watch Thomas the tank engine.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

One Year Later.

As I look at the record of my posts on my three blogs, I see that it has been a year since I last posted on this particular one.
Writing about the inner life enhanced by meditation and prayer is not easy.
I'm currently reading Thomas Merton's "The Seven Storey Mountain".....a wonderful example of just how such writing should be done.
Would that I could do as well.
My situation hasn't changed very much in the past year- I continue to practice "centering prayer" twice a day, and pray the Rosary a few nights a week with my wife (with our child beside us). I am still involved with a group that gathers on the first Saturday of each month for a prayer vigil to Our Lady of Fatima and, most importantly, I receive Holy Communion whenever I can. I've tried to be more attentive in going to the church on the first Friday of the month for Eucharistic Adoration.
One change of note. I have recently become an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion at our church. This is a wonderful privilege.
I hope to return more often to this blog.....but writing here is more difficult than writing on my other. I need to be more "serious" here and that doesn't always come easy.
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